Goodwin Hall

The Mining Engineering Department is located in Goodwin Hall which provides lecture, laboratory and study facilities.

The on-campus laboratories include a Rock Mechanics laboratory, Mine Environment laboratory, Computer Planning facilities, and several Mineral Processing laboratories. The department also operates an Explosive Test Site in Hinchinbrooke Township, near Kingston.

Laboratories are fully equipped for the programs offered. In addition, they include extensive equipment for advanced study and research in the various fields of major interest. The facilities allow undergraduate courses to be conducted in close proximity to graduate study and research. As a result, sound professional practice can be emphasized while the potential for future development is demonstrated.


The following is a list of the laboratories in the Department of Mining: Automation and Robotics, Explosives and Blasting, Geotechnical Instrumentation, Microwave Extraction, Mineral Processing, Open Pit Mine Design, Ore Reserves and Grade Control, Rock Mechanic, Soft Rock Mechanics, Underground Mine Design and Ventilation Laboratory.

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Computer Equipment

The following link provides information about the availability of computers, software used for graduate and undergraduate teaching, and the computer services provided.

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Shop Equipment

The following link provides details on the equipment provided in the Mining facilities.

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Library Resources

This provides information on the five library facilities provided at Queen's.

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