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Undergraduate Studies

Options in the Mining Program

Mining Engineering Option

This option is designed to produce engineers capable of designing, operating and managing a mining operation. Mining engineers acquire knowledge about all relevant mining processes, from exploration to production, also including management and environmental issues. Production and engineering operations involve computerized planning, excavation design, drilling and blasting, ore handling, dispatching systems, equipment automation, and mine services including mine ventilation and dewatering.


  • mine planning & management
  • underground & open pit design
  • mineral economics & finance
  • rock mechanics
  • mine ventilation
  • drilling & explosives
  • health & safety
  • geostatistics

Mineral Processing and Environmental Engineering Option

This option is designed to produce engineers capable of designing, operating and controlling the plants that treat mined ore to produce a valuable product for market. Mineral processing engineers also design and operate the environmental processes required by government regulations. Mineral processing engineers acquire knowledge about all relevant separation and extraction methods, flowsheet development, instrumentation and process control, marketing and environmental technology.


  • process control
  • physical separation
  • flotation
  • mineral extraction
  • hydrometallurgy

Mine Mechanical Engineering Option

This option is designed to produce engineers who understand heavy and specialized equipment applications in the mining and construction industry and are capable of designing, modifying and maintaining this equipment. The program is structured to provide good career flexibility covering mining operations, equipment design and applications, and engineering houses, contractors and equipment manufacturers.


  • computer applications
  • communications
  • equipment design and manufacture
  • automation and robotics
  • instrumentation technology
  • equipment maintenance


Traditionally, Mining Engineering has been one of the broadest engineering fields offering the most general program. A Mining engineer is required to be familiar with all of the engineering work involved in the operation of a mining project from the initial discovery stage to the marketing of a final product. For this reason, Mining engineers receive some basic training in each of the major engineering fields.


Mining Engineers at Queen's receive basic preparation in Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Geological and Chemical Engineering concepts in order to be able to relate to and coordinate work in these fields. Furthermore, specialized preparation in areas such as computer applications, automation and robotics, mine evaluation, equipment selection, industrial equipment design, heavy equipment maintenance, transportation systems, mine design and planning, rock mechanics, explosives technology, drilling and blasting, mineral processing, plant and process design, management and labour relations, environmental control and energy related topics ensures a broad exposure to technical issues and provides a high employment potential.


Before completing their program, all Mining students will complete a thesis and either design and analyze an underground or open pit mine installation, conduct a detailed feasibility study of a process plant flowsheet and layout, or evaluate and design mechanical requirements associated with a mine and/or plant facility. Computer aided design and control systems are essential in the design and operation of mines and mineral extraction plants and make up an integral part of our program of study in all three options.