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For students, working technicians, engineers, and industry professionals.


The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining is celebrating 125 years of mining education excellence by offering select programs online. The suite of programs offered cover a broad range of experience levels, from new-to-the-mining-sector to veteran-executive.



The Bachelor of Mining Technology is a college diploma to university degree program for technicians looking to accelerate their careers.


The Certificate in Mining Technologies is an 18-credit accelerated program for science and engineering students, as well as grads just entering the mining sector.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development programs allow you to deeply explore a single topic relevant to today’s mining industry over the course of several classes.

Corporate Training

Queen’s has offered customized Corporate Training for decades. We can now deliver training in fully online, blended, on-campus or fully on-site formats, depending on your needs.

Online Education

Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech)

What it is: Diploma-to-degree program offered online and in a flexible format.

Who it’s for: Working or soon-to-be-working mining technologists who need a university degree to jumpstart their careers.

With its focus on competencies, state-of-the-art technologies and foundational science, BTech is designed specifically for the modern mining industry. It is a bridging program, offered online and in a flexible format. That means you can take classes where you want, when you want, so you don’t have to relocate or quit your job to pursue a university education.

There are multiple pathways into the program and articulation and credit transfer agreements in place with a number of colleges across North America.

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Certificate in Mining Technologies (CMT)

What it is: Six-course Certificate in Mining Technologies Program (CMT)

Who it’s for: Upper-year or recently graduated science and engineering students pursuing careers in the mining sector.

The CMT is an increasingly popular option for science and engineering grads or working professionals looking to augment their mining credentials.

The CMT offers a deep, technically rigorous, intensive education in mining for those with science or engineering backgrounds. It is offered in two streams: (i) Mineral Processing and (ii) Mining with foundational classes being mandatory for both.

It will most appeal to engineering students studying civil, geological, (engineering geology), chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineering, and science students pursuing geology, environmental science, chemistry, earth sciences and materials science degrees.

Online Professional Development Courses

What it is: Individual courses on specific mining topics.

Who it’s for: Each course will appeal to different professionals working in or adjacent to the mining sector.

Over the coming months we’ll be rolling out several online professional development courses. Each course represents an opportunity to dive deep into a particular topic so you might bring new insights, perspectives and skills to your work.

In developing the CMT and BTech programs, we’ve cultivated significant expertise in online-course delivery and design. Combined with our unparalleled access to subject matter experts and industry leaders, our courses are made for the modern mining workforce.

Our first offering, “Mining for Non-Miners”, available September 2019, is designed for professionals new to the mining sector, as well as those working in related sectors such as: investment and finance, suppliers and vendors, government, NGO’s and community groups, etc.

Future professional development course offerings will include Mineral Economics, as well as Ore Body Modelling and Geostatistics.

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Customized Corporate Training

What it is: Training programs customized for your workforce.

Who it’s for: Companies in mining or mining-adjacent sectors.

Smart companies are taking advantage of the rapid advances in the science and technology of mining by keeping their employees up-to-date and trained for a constantly evolving industry. For over fifty years, Queen’s Mining has developed customized training programs for mining giants in Canada and the world over.

Now, drawing from our experience designing and delivering the BTech and CMT programs, we’re pleased to be able to offer completely customized corporate training programs in a variety of formats: (i) online (ii) blended, online and offline (iii) on-campus (iv) on-site or (v) any combination of the above.

Building on our deep subject matter expertise, we can work with corporate clients to custom tailor training programs across the broad spectrum of mining topics, ranging from mine planning and mine design, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, physical asset management, through to social license and mineral economics.

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These programs are offered in flexible, online formats, allowing you to enhance your mining sector knowledge and expand your career opportunities.

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