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Mining Systems Laboratory

Mining RoboticsAdvanced mining technology provides a competitive edge for the Canadian mining industry. The Kostuik Mine-Mechanical and Mining Systems Laboratories provide both undergraduate and graduate students with exposure to state-of-the-art techniques and tools for the maintenance, design, mechanization, and automation of mining equipment and processes. Training is imparted through software-based design, analysis, and simulation tools, but also through access to mid-scale industrial equipment. These enable students to study complex mechanisms at the machine level, while also evaluating machine and process interactions at the systems level. The simulation software tools and techniques also enable the programming and evaluation of machine control and automation strategies.


These laboratories are an integral part of the Mine-Mechanical Engineering program at Queen's University. This program is unique in North America in providing a blend of mining and mechanical engineering training, to equip engineers with the necessary skills for the increasingly equipment- and technology-intensive mining industry. Undergraduates in the program utilize these laboratories for their final year design projects, as well as for courses in machine automation and mine maintenance.


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