Graduate Students Seminars

As part of MINE897, Graduate students are asked to make a presentation on their research. These talks are open to all all staff and students and invited guests. 

Date: Monday
Time: 1:30
Location: Goodwin Hall, Room 221B

MINE897: Information for students presenting:

A seminar is a presentation of a student's graduate research and consists of a 20 minute presentation for a Master's student and a 25 to 30 minutes for a Ph.D. student. Both talks are followed by a question and answer period.

Students must submit the title of the talk, the abstract and a short biography one week ahead of your presentations to Kate Cowperthwaite (

All graduate students should attend all the presentations.

Those who miss a seminar without a reasonable excuse will be deducted one mark from their presentation mark. Those who fail the seminar will be required to repeat MINE897.