I.T. Support Requests

Contact information for any issue requiring I.T. Support

Which contact option should I use?

Entirely up to you. The email automatically generates a ticket. The web site is self-service – you can create tickets on your own, download software, check the knowledge base, and see any outstanding issues that we’re working on for you. If the problem is very urgent – it’s keeping you from being able to work – call us.

Why one phone number? Why not just call someone directly?

Paul, Rod, Chris, and Phil all answer that number, so if one of us is away you will get the fastest response – even if you have to leave a voicemail.

What’s this “ticket” thing?

The tickets help us to communicate with you, keep our many support requests organized and prioritized, monitor our performance, and act as a knowledgebase of previous experience. We can make sure that the problem has been solved to your satisfaction, and everyone on the team can get up to speed on your issue when we need to.

Why did my problem get assigned low/med/high priority?

We choose priorities to help us get to the most critical issues first, based on how many people are affected and whether there is a work-around available (like using webmail when your Outlook isn’t working). The full details of how we prioritize are in this knowledgebase article.