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Mining Society

The Mining Society is a student-run group that plans and facilitates various activities for the students throughout the academic year. The Mining Society serves as a liaison between the mining students, the teaching faculty and university associations such as the Engineering Society.


The Society puts teams together for three mining competitions including the Canadian Mining Games, National Mining Competition and the Intercollegiate Mining Games. Other academic events include a mining oriented AutoCAD workshop to assist with software skill development. Several social events are also organized to allow everyone to get involved and build a stronger sense of community within the mining department. These events include the BBQ Golf Tournament, Movember Team, Mine and Cheese, Christmas Dinner, BEWIC sports days, Mine vs. Mech Paintball and the Fur Cup hockey game vs Geo. The group promotes participation in the various mining industry professional associations and conferences including CIM, SME, CMP and PDAC.


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