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Graduate Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

Learn more about research opportunities at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining - check out these videos of the Mining Engineering research group:

Mining Engineering Ph.D. Map

Need help finding your way through Queen’s and beyond? Get Mining-specific advice on academics, extra-curriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development all in one place. This map provides suggestions - you don’t have to follow all the recommendations. Use it to plan ahead, and find your own way at Queen’s!

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Mining Engineering PhD Major Map

Program Information

The minimum academic requirements are four term length courses beyond the M.A.Sc. degree, satisfactory participation in the graduate seminar MINE-897, successful completion of the comprehensive examination requirement, and completion of a research thesis (MINE-999). All courses must be taken at the graduate level. For this minimum academic requirement, three term courses must be taken within and one term course must be taken outside the Mining Department. In certain cases, the number of courses required will be larger than the minimum. The selected academic program must be approved by the Department.


All students must take CHEM-801*, a non-credit course in laboratory safety, at the first opportunity after their initial registration. Students who have previously completed MINE-462 or MINE-862 as part of their regular undergraduate or graduate programs at Queen's University, are exempt from this requirement.


The comprehensive examination, an assessment of the student's understanding of the major areas of Mining Engineering, must be taken by all Ph.D. candidates and may, under special entrance requirements, be required to be taken in two parts.


Should an entering Ph.D. student's background in mining engineering or related disciplines be deemed to be insufficient, a designated program of study and/or completion of general knowledge examinations (first level comprehensive examination) will be required to be taken.


The first level comprehensive examination will review the candidate's general background in Mining Engineering and must be held in the fall term of the second year of the Ph.D. program.


If a first level knowledge examination is not required, the Ph.D. student will be required to complete a comprehensive examination leading up to a final thesis defense that will cover the area of specialization and areas of the candidate's background preparation. This examination should be taken at least 18 months after a student's initial registration in the Ph.D. program and no later than 12 months prior to the final thesis defense.